Visa Dream2Advance not found in Google or VISA website 1

I tried to find about VISA’s Dream2Advance competition in the World Wide Web and i am surprised to see that there were no posts or blogs regarding this competition from a authority website. There were information about early access in some unofficial websites and most of them had the line ‘Early access before it is announced to the country’

I wonder even what is going on here. Before i could even think of it, my points there have gone up and i have received the Dreamer level with 1000 points and the pop up keeps reminding of that i have to be doing something.

I am even afraid of sharing this among friends because what if it happens to be a bug or something. So i decided to monitor this in google for any news. So i have added a Google alert with the word VISA and Dream2Advance. If you too want such alerts go to Google Alerts and sign up for alerts there with google account.

So anything turns up, i will update here.

Shining off to bed

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  1. Reply Hitesh Aug 21,2013 6:18 am

    I on behalf of the bloggers’ community here wrote to the VISA’s global team for the declaration of results and only then after more than 8 months of the campaign getting over, the results got declared, of which the community has the opinion that these results are built-up and are not as per the campaign guidelines, including the grand prize to someone to the acquintance of the team.

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