VD – One person who made me a ‘person’

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao – Teach your loved ones to live on their own. 

This was the topic in IndiBlogger this week. Sponsored by HDFC Life. And the challenge was to write about a family member, who have guided and encouraged me become a better and more self-reliant person. And they have embedded a video, in which a father guides her daughter.

As soon as I saw this video, I knew the single person I should be writing about.

Because I knew one thing very well. Writing about someone else will insult what she did for me. My Girlfriend.. (No I am not going to mention her name. But you can find it almost everywhere in this blog.)

She made me better..! She made me what I am..! She taught me humanity..! She taught me Self Confidence..! She taught me ‘Responsibility’..!

I always believe that whenever I talk about her to people, they fall in love with her. So prepare yourself.

So What did she do?

We have been together for last 3 years and each and every single day, he have molded me, guided me into what I am. I cannot imagine my life, without her playing her role till today. She was the best daughter, best friend and best girlfriend one could ever have. I never believed in love, where one would be ready to die for another. Now I do believe it.

If i have to list everything, a single blog post will not be sufficient for it. So here is the best of the best.

1. She made me ‘Take Charge’

Think of a typical bad-ass boy who never knows what he does. Someone who changes when people talks. Someone who takes decision without even thinking how it is going to affect his family or his friends. Someone who is not worried about future. Well! That’s just half of me. Before 3 years. But she gave me the responsibility. To change.

How did she do that? She trusted me!!! Completely. No trust is not easy to gain. Not even from our parents. But she trusted me so blindly, that I am going to make her future so much. Whenever I did a mistake, she would say that I would change someday and make her happy. Whenever I blamed my mistake on someone, she trusted it too. Soon I started feeling guilty of it. I had to do something for the girl who trusted me completely.

So I started thinking about future. My career. All these blogs, blogging workshop and whatever things that made my resume, are all because of her.

2. She was with me in Every Single Step.

From the day I started blogging, the day I lost Rs.3000 in Facebook Advertising losing everything to the day I took the Blogging Workshop at Sona College of Technology, she was with me. In every single step I took. When people around me tried to scare me with negative thoughts, she was there as my caretaker.

  • When I used to work on my first blog, the whole night from Ramnujam Computer Center in Anna University (I could not afford a laptop then.) and call her in the middle of her sleep at 2 PM, she would answer it with patience.
  • She expected me to be with her all the time. And even when I was not, she didn’t show it.
  • When I was not sure whether I was ready for a workshop, she motivated me. She even took care of arranging everything. (I should mention her friends Bala and Karthik here). She made them talk to the Clubs in her college and come up with this workshop.
  • To be honest, I took this workshop for her. For her to be proud that I am something.
  • And on the day of workshop, she was there among the crowd, watching her child walk through the path she showed. And when I had to deal with some negative feedback that evening, she was there near me, as a friend helping me get past it.

Whatever I am now, whatever I become in future, she will always be the reason behind it.

3. She taught me Humanity and Love.

Teaching a boy about humanity is the worst task you will ever have. I don’t know how to put this. But the world have changed so much that being human, helping someone out of their misery, not hurting your friends from DUTY has become as SERVICE. When I was one of the impurities in the world, she was so pure.

I should say you this story. Once her friend and she were having an argument about something. They were just fighting and as her friend told something to hurt her, she have retaliated with some rude words (According to her calling someone dog is rude). And for this, she cried the whole night to me repeating this, “How can I do this? I have hurt her knowing well that she would be hurt. I have turned bad Vignesh” 🙂

No She is not an Angel or some saint. She is Deepi. After spending some 4 years with her, I can see that change in me.

  •  I love to spend time with kids more than anything. She loves the same. You should see her eyes when she is around kids.
  • I try hard not to hurt people. (Though I am not successful yet)
  • I donate. 2% of my income to something. (No I don’t earn big. But still I earn enough to give others.)
  • I love my parents. Even I can’t believe I said that. I don’t remember loving my parents this much, before I was with her.

Yes. I am still commit lots and lots of mistakes. But I am content. In all the things I consider, I am trying to be perfect and happy. Even when she is not around me now, I can feel in me, in what I do everyday.

And amidst all this, I want to advise you about one thing : There will be someone with you, guiding you through every single obstacle you face. It may be your friend, your mother, your sister or even some random person. Never miss them! If you do, you are going to spend the rest of your life among hundred people who doesn’t care about you at all and regret the decision you took.

And I won’t.

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