VDestine makes it to second round of Ventura 2013, conducted by NIT Trichy 2


It was my dream, it was our dream by then, to start up VDestine, a web designing company that would integrate online services and unlock the opportunities to the youth in India. I have been with this idea more than for a year now. Just didn’t get a chance to explore it even.. I nearly forgot this when i came upon Ventura 2013 one day.

Ventura 2013, NIT Trichy

Ventura 2013, is a inter national level business plan competition conducted by NIT Trichy every year. And it is claimed to be the No.1 Business Plan Competition in India. When i went through the former winners of Ventura, that is Ventura 2009 and Ventura 2010, i was shocked to see some cardiological machine marketing plan to be the winner of Ventura 2009. That too he was from Sweden. Still i wanted to try my chance.

And the first round being 15 days away, i just stopped thinking about it (though i sat with a note for planning occasionally) and saw it only on December 5. The last date.. They extended the last date fortunately for another 3 days.

I started doing it all the 3 days and still i can completely only a mere 15 pages, with executive summary and company summary only.. There was no time for framing marketing plans, start up summary, not even the whole products and services lists. Still to try my luck , i registered and sent the business plan.

VDestine makes it to second round of Ventura 2013

December 15 was the results day.. Though i didn’t finish it fully, i thought what if we are selected. And opening the mail today, i saw the mail from Ventura team. I didn’t even look the mail.. I started calling everyone i knew , saying i made it to the second round of NIT Trichy B-Plan competition. No one knows that its my luck and the most important thing is that ‘they don’t care’.

However, here we go int mentoring round… And waiting for our mentor, mostly a member from E-Cell Trichy. I am sure he will be an expert in this field. And he would shape us better..

Future awaits..

2 thoughts on “VDestine makes it to second round of Ventura 2013, conducted by NIT Trichy

  1. Reply Kashish Dec 9,2014 11:49 am

    Hello People,
    ECell,Nit Trichy has announced the launch of Ventura’15.
    Do check out our page: http://www.ecell-nitt.org/ventura
    For regular updates,follow us on http://www.fb.com/ecell.nit.trichy

  2. Reply Kashish Dec 9,2014 11:51 am

    Hi Vignesh,
    We have announced the Launch of Ventura’15.
    Please share it among your peers.This will help all the interested Entrepreneurs to participate in the competition and take full advantage of our Mentor/VC Network.
    You can find more details at:http://www.ecell-nitt.org/ventura
    For regular updates,follow us on http://www.fb.com/ecell.nit.trichy

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