Cricket Lovers going crazy over UC Browser

Cricket is celebrated as god in India. My 12 year old cousin discuss how the ball turned and how the batsman reacted to that like a professional. Sometimes I have felt the strong bond cricket creates between people discussing cricket. The first day they are strangers and next day they are best buddies discussing about cricket always.

And as a techie analyst, I have seen the “Live cricket score” search peak to >2500000 in India when there is a cricket match or IPL. And my friends messaging me from classes asking, “Dude can you send me the scores. Are you online?”

So when these cricket lovers got crazy about an application, naturally I was determined what it was and what’s so different about it. So there are so many applications for mobiles (comparatively few for desktops and non-smart phone users). So why are they sharing this application so pro-actively?

This is where I got hold of the best browser so far – UC Browser with UC Cricket extension.

It was an amazing cricket season and with the 2015 Cricket World Cup officially over, it is to be celebrated that the tournament has reached quite an enormous number of fans thanks to the Internet and most especially a mobile application that caters specifically to cricket fans all over the world.

About UC Browser

UC-Cricket was a new application launched by UCWeb in their UC-Browser division to cater an all-in-one cricket application which will give live updates, results, and a chat box for fellow cricket fans. The app also provides information on upcoming matches and team profiles.

Another feature that is being developed in this application is the ability to give more enjoyable activities such as interactive games (where users can play guessing games. Pretty enjoyable, really). Active real-time notifications are being updated while different scores and standings arise. Plus, a comment section is provided in order for fans to interact with one another on a daily basis. It will also give subscribers a reminder whether a match is about to start.

Another good thing about this application is it is not smartphone exclusive. Don’t have an Android phone? Not a problem. UC-Cricket can be downloaded and installed in a desktop computer. The software can be downloaded at the official website. UC-Cricket for desktop also offers the same programs and features as the mobile app. One can also watch videos of the game, view live footage, in-game pictures, etc.

All in all, the UC-Cricket is really a must have for Cricket fans. It’s ideal and helpful and one.

Check out this youtube video

What’s Special?

After explaining so much about the application, it must be silly to ask such questions. But to those who are still unconvinced and still feel that there are better extensions, read this.

  • Live updates, scores, upcoming match fixtures everything in the same browser you work on. (This might not be blocked in your company too :p )
  • Do you play guessing games with your friends before every cricket match? Play it with everyone online. And you might prove yourself the king of analytics.
  • No smart phone? No worries.. Go for the desktop version.

Ok if you haven’t left the post to download the application, then you must be a cricket-hater like me. Well, it’s all in the game 🙂

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