What is twitter trend #EkNayiLeague about – A wild guess

I am not a guy who is very fond of cricket. I neither fight for Dhoni nor Indian team in Facebook. To be precise, my interests in social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are clean of Cricket. And so is my news feed.

But today morning, when I logged in, the first video in the feed was of Kapil Dev. I skipped it and moved on and within 50 feeds I scanned through, about 30 were with his name or photo. Suddenly the social networking sites were exploding with tweets and status about Kapil Dev. And that’s where I noticed the ‘EkNayiLeague‘ initiative. I became so interested in the league and researched about it a lot. And finally I decided to write a blog and tweet about it.

With thousands of people taking wild guesses on #EkNayiLeague that it is a new cricket club, a singing competition, a quiz (and some weird ones suggesting it to be a health initiative), what is so special about this venture? Is the worldwide response organic or is someone driving it from behind? And what’s the base of all these hopes behind the league?

Everything started liked this…

The great cricketer Kapil Dev of Indian cricket team joined twitter two weeks ago and obtained a mass following within a span of 3 days (Just like any other cricket celebrity but nowhere like Bollywood celebrity). Expressing his joy to be finally in twitter, he also added that he is going to be sharing information in twitter from time to time. It was considered normal, until the moment he came up with the new marketing video for his venture #EkNayiLeague

No one knows to know about it, except the 5 videos he released, one in general and the other four addressing four famous personalities – Yuvraj Singh, Sania Mirza, Kapil Sharma and M.S. Dhoni.

And he repeats the words, “When you play this with heart, you are a hit-wicket”

Like many other jobless people, who is making random guesses to find what it is and win the 1 lakh prize money (Oops! You can win that too by answering here EkNayiLeague) :), I am going to try my luck too.

What it can be

1. A Television game show

If you have guessed it to be a new cricket league just like Indian Premier League (IPL), then you are so wrong. Really who would involve Bollywood stars and tennis players in such marketing campaigns.

Where does popular celebrities from Cricket, Bollywood and Tennis get together? – Exactly, a television game show. And I don’t believe that it is a quiz show like Kaun Banega Crorepathi. But that would end up normal. If they are doing a different type of marketing stunt, then it should be different – May be a funny gameshow like Takheshi’s castle in Pogo channel. When you play that as your heart says, you are going to get into trouble. Makes sense right?

Let us wait for the results! And see who wins!!

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