Stop fighting for kiss.. Give me TOILET to piss – A letter from Babli

Every topics triggers something from our memory. When I heard Domex is building up an initiative to build toilets to save children from embarrassments, because of defecating in public., it triggered a lot of memories.

My Childhood. When I used to defecate in public.

I never felt bold enough to share it even with my friends or with my colleagues, that i had no toilets in my home as a child. Not then, not now. So I am Babli myself. Except that I don’t have to face harassment threats like Babli.

Yeah I used to defecate in Public

When I was like 6 or 7, we had no toilets in our area. We lived in a village inside fields and so we never cared about it. Infact no one had a toilet and so it never looked bad. And I joined school. With bathrooms, sanitation lessons and much more. And slowly I started to feel – Alienation and Embarrassment.

We used to defecate in public always, but now everything seemed different. I could not fight with my parents for toilet. Back then, it was little expensive and for sure, we couldn’t have afforded it.

I used to wake up in early morning, run to road to defecate. That’s when the road used to be without much traffic. And whenever I started hearing the sound of buses, I would run into nearby fields, to hide myself. Sometimes I would hide my face with my trousers.

I am a boy. Imagine the embarrassment a girl would face. My mom, My sisters everyone.. WE NEED A SOLUTION.

 STOP talking about KISSING

For the past 2 weeks, the buzz in the media was about ‘Kiss of Love‘ that happened in Kerala. Major political parties, organisations from Central government and most politicians were against the display of affection in public. And Media spends 90% of their news slot explaining how people kissed and publishing videos of them.

But before 1 year, a foreign politician gave a statement mocking our government here for not building enough toilets. But media cared only about Who Talked. Not about what he talked. And in a week, we were back into cinema news.

Why? We care about people showing affection in public.. But we do not care about people showing asses.

We care when a girl is kissed with her consent. But we do not care when she is stared at by STRANGERS.

We need Toilets

Enough is enough. I cannot let someone else go through the same situation as me. We need toilets. Imagine the heart of a small child.. The inferior complex thoughts that develops within himself because of this. With increasing sexual harassment, is it safe to send a girl alone to defecate in public?

I don’t want this to be just another post that talks about a problem. I am here to TALK ABOUT A SOLUTION.

Contribute with a Click

Domex has taken an initiative to build toilets for children from India. And we can contribute to it, BY just a click. I have contributed with a click. Will you? And save a child from embarrassment and harassment?


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All you need to do is click contribute now button, and Domex will contribute Rs.5 for you.

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