Rationalizing “Success”

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Humans are mere manifestations and embodiments of their individual thoughts. They carry their concept to gain something from these interactions of the universe. Unknowingly every one of us strives hard, puts relentless effort and is a think-tank processing the present resource to produce desired future. There’s never something called idleness in human work and all of its quality is quite categorical in nature i.e. righteous or unrighteous, useful or useless, moral or immoral etc.
A man while delivering his actions, numerous thoughts pass through his neural network which triggers diverse acts and it’s least surprising to assert that all of his life on this planet is based on his standard of thoughts, his questioning appetite, and desperation to understand. His thought standard distinguishes him from the rest. We as humans possess countless desires, innumerable goals and many passions to make us extremely content. To perfectly generalize, all our actions run after success. Yes! It does not matter when, where and how we realize it but we surely run after our desire to succeed. We need it to fill ourselves with everlasting spirit.
Every brain thinks of how it can become the smartest in the world. Every man wants him to be the best in his chosen field and we see that all those people who sincerely believe that they are truly meant for it undergo various transformations. Some of them attend personality development classes, spend time ruthlessly on listening to lectures, involve themselves in motivational talks, read biographies of legends and what not, they buy everything from those who make a business out of our situation. That’s natural and which cannot be denied for any reason but we forget to ask ourselves that much-highlighted question hovering in our mind spaces and overlook to analyze that clearly visible fact that why only a few and why, not everyone out of this transformation funnel deserve tremendous praise and enjoy that heroic legacy which time itself can’t dissolve in it and pays continual tributes to them.
We are hypnotized and intoxicated to cheer loud for them who stamp their success but we seldom attempt to view and understand the underlying logic behind their heroism. There’s a lot of emotional phenomena which turns us easily into fanatics upon witnessing the success of others and it’s never an offense in lauding men. Those who are addicted to praise the success of others only enjoy it and are never ready to experience and experiment on those hardships taken by those celebs of the world and that’s what separates successful leaders from the rest and of course, people are never ready for it because of infinite reasons. We appreciate the topper of civil service examinations, we give lectures, quote them to motivate our peers with those borrowed success stories but are never ready to take up the challenge of reading some 12 hours a day. Indeed we create a havoc of discouraging disturbance in ourselves and in others by throwing sarcastic stones “he he this fellow wants to be an IAS” etc. at our peer enthusiasts who hold books of history or politics in their hands. This creates an enormous social apprehension to those who wish to become singers, authors and cricketers etc. we simultaneously deceive ourselves and others by our unintentional and worthless actions and fail to utilize an opportunity of evolvement.
It might sound weird but there are thousands of such traits in and around us which do not let us into that elite heaven of stardom enjoyed by those who we only read in magazines and see on famous shows. That sphere of success is always a desire and myth to us as long as we breed these pseudo theories of practicality in our minds. We find a great comfort to appreciate history but are least enthusiastic to repeat it. We are marvelous seekers of information and shouting sloganeers of those who make the news but are poor learners from what has been really done by them in the past. We never really attempt to empathize the true form of those celebs and so we don’t care about what makes a billion stand and bleed their support when the God of Cricket comes on to play and what makes Napoleon remain forever shining in the leaflets of history as one of the greatest conquerors but we still exhibit joy and that has been an unchanged status-quo for years.
We proudly share the thoughts of Sundar Pichai and conversations of Mark Zuckerburg on our FB walls and treat them like gods of wonder. We honestly advocate a lot about them but in reality, all of our valuable zeal and wisdom goes wasted in our inhumane gossips of criticism against a brave lad who is trying to start up something. With all our witchcraft, we block the germination of entrepreneurship from the very earth.
Amidst all of this parasitic mental chaos, we miss that once-in-a-life chance to travel along those lines of true success. We lose an extraordinary time to experience those foundational elements which lead us to victory. We are well trained to create fame and recognition for us in a less stressful way by stealing platforms of others and suppressing them for our self-benefit. Taking this path, we all destroy our opportunities of longstanding success and blind our perception of true leadership.
We hesitate to understand that success means touching down to roots, rising from the dust and having the courage to take all the onus and sacrificing when needed for the good of our men, as we always treat success as personal aspect and never attribute it to an institution. We are accustomed to following a misleading notion that success means competition and we utterly to fail to digest that success is nothing but collaboration. We are falsely taught about success as begging for an opportunity instead of learning how to transform things into opportunities and when one adopts this self-paralyzing tool of assessing the success or discovering a path to success, he only supports his elimination from this beautiful world.
All the ambassadors of success believe that they are here to regenerate those lost opportunities for others, they feel that lifting the wheel of their institution on their shoulders is a boon and the ultimate honour they can ever get and this purest quality of heroes in defining success makes their names chanted by this universe forever as ‘Swami’ Vivekananda, ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi, Sachin ‘the god’ so on and so forth. Their legacy is not carved in the stone but engraved eternally in the hearts of mankind by their virtues.
As a great Sanskrit dictum says
Chalachittam chaladvittam chalajjeevana youvanam |
Chalachalamidam sarvam keerthirasya sajeevathi||
“Mind, wealth, life and youth are all transitory. All these are fleeting and he only lives forever who acquires fame with his virtue.”

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