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I am a user of Quikr and other classified websites like Olx, Locanto, Click and many other websites. And I bet you might have too. But were you satisfied? Well. I WAS not. Every time we use the website to solve a problem or a requirement, we start getting multitude of problems in return.

  1. When you are a girl, I can’t guarantee you complete satisfaction with the purchase. But lots of calls asking for your name, age and photo. I can guarantee that.
  2. What do people do when bored? Well, some choose an advertiser, call them and tell them how bored they are. Most famous clips on Sound cloud and Facebook.
  3. Seeing a snap of the monitor, how to decide how good the keyboard is? When we ask for few photos, they take a whole month. And come up with a reason.

And this creates an irritation feeling on classified websites. When someone suggests us to try these, all I can say is “SPAM”..

What if we get a service which eliminates all these problems and makes you feel comfortable? I found one, from the pioneers of classifieds website – Quikr.

Introducing Quikr Next

Quikr have come up with a simple yet effective solution for these problems, Quikr Next, a smart chat that connects sellers and buyers without disclosing any personal details. Without a single call or a message, you can transfer anything, including photos, directly from Quikr app or even from the desktop version of the website.

What is special about Quikr Next?

1. No more Mobile Numbers

Now you are safe because you no longer need to share your mobile number with the advertisers to chat with them. So even if you are a girl, you are perfectly safe from spammers and stalkers.

And when you recognize a fake profile, you can stop responding to them. You need not be worried about the continuous calls you will receive from them. And also the abusive messages from few perverts.

And when you are sure that the user is serious about buying your product, and he is an honest buyer, you can provide him with real details and sell your product.

2. No more disputes

Do you remember those moments when you had to promise and prove that you told that the mobile has a 100 mA battery and not 1100 mA? And all the disputes you had to go over and over?

No more disputes.! With the chat history, you can always go to what you said and prove them what you said.

And unlike other websites where chatting option is available only on the official app, in Quikr Next, chat option is available on the desktop website too.

Quikr Chat

Quikr Chat

3. Share Unlimited Photos

As shown above, chatting is very simple and you can share any number of photos with the advertiser with a single click. And when you realize that some user is harassing or spamming you, you can block them there on with a single click.

With the growing number of users in Quikr, it will be very hard to manage the number of responses you receive for an advertisement. Chats make this easier, way more easy.

So are you scared of using classified websites? No more irritations.. So what are you going to buy/sell in Quikr Next?

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