“My Look-up Story Moments” that made me buckle up to face the Fate

Thanks people for following my blog so far and reading all my experiences and feelings. Thanks for all the feedback you gave me. And most importantly thanks to everyone mentioned in this blog for the role you played in my life.

Housing.com, a website to rent and sell properties online for free, came up with a new competition today. To write a look-up story, a story of moment that filled you with optimism and hope for future. And know what? I decided to write about them.

But not about a single moment.. But a series of moments, which at each point motivated me to move forward, promising me that I am not alone. These moments are so evergreen, that whenever I think about them, I get the same motivation I received on the first day.

So here are the list of moments..

1. When I talk to my Parents..

Ah! A moment from everyone’s diary. Yes! Talking to our parents is always the best moment to give us hope to move forward. When you talk to your parents, they will always give you the feel that they are completely dependent on us (though they are not). And when we ask them not to worry about anything, they will end up saying, “Why should we worry? You are there to take care, right?”

This is a moment when we will feel ourselves being filled with hope.

2. When I see Children play..

I like to watch children, when they play. In fact I love to watch it. In the past, I have developed this habit of watching them play and thinking of some idiotic philosophies based on it. Have you ever seen a child play?

You should..! Whenever they play, they will not be worried about the environment (surrounding/what people think), or the fight they had with his opponent the day before (ego) or even the thrashes they are going to receive from their parents for playing outside (outcome). They are not worried about anything and they concentrate completely on the task at hand – Playing..

But what about us? Before we start a task, we will always worry about what people would think, the fight we had with our present partners and also the result of this task, whether we would succeed.. STOP!! Don’t worry about the results. Like Bhagavad Gita preaches,

You have rights over your decisions and work, not THE RESULT

3. When I talk to Renu..

Renu.. My Best Friend.. My Second sister.. Best friends are not the ones who are with you celebrating the success. But they will be with you when you are scared to face the world after a failure. She is just the description of the Success.

No, We don’t talk everyday. No, We don’t party together. No, We don’t even see each other daily. We hardly talk once a week. But When I get a problem, which I could not face, I call her. And I hope that she is doing the same. :p

She will not be there to face the problem with me. We both know that. But she gives me a lots of hope. And finally just like my parents, she ends saying “Don’t worry. We are with you right? Just do this.”

This is all you need, to turn optimistic. Same with my Sister..


If you have entered this blog post to see my girlfriend’s name, I don’t want to disappoint you. To understand how she motivates me, you should read the complete post – One person who made me a ‘person’. She is always the motivation behind me. My hope to try something new.

I won’t say, If you get someone like her, you will always win. BUT, you will always have that hope and energy to move a step forward.

So my story of moments? Do you have one? Wrote a blog post on it? Share it and I will reward you.. I Promise.

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