My First Diwali with my family

Yes. You heard it right. My first Diwali with my family.  #GharWaliDiwali

Right from my childhood, I never celebrated Diwali. It used to be a holiday where my dad returns home after work and finally my mom get to lay off from her household works. For me and my brother, it’s just another holiday to sleep. We lived in a home in the middle of fields in our village. No neighbors. So no celebrations. No crackers.

My dad had an ideology, “No enjoyment. Till we are settled”. And his idea of settlement kept changing and changing. Finally, after many years, we are here

  • I got a job.
  • My brother is doing an Internship.
  • We settled down with neighbors in a colony.
  • We got more interactive with our relatives.

And so we are celebrating our Diwali. Me and my dad have planned a secret trip as a family. Temples, sister’s home and a Film. Here is a small look.

A trip to Kulavilakkamman Temple :

Our happy functions, sad moments and angry arguments – Everything starts at this temple. This temple is situated on the shores of Kaveri river in Tamilnadu. This is our family deity and has played a major role in our lives. When my mom sits on the steps, and narrates how she got me as a boon from the goddess, you can literally see her crying.

Only place where we forget our situations and circumstances. Whatever arguments we have, we forget it and start chatting.. About something.. And it never ends.

Only place where i don’t sight girls.

Sister’s Home :

My cousin’s home. Where i feel myself, after my home. She got married last year and they will be conducting some ceremonies, as this going to be the couple’s first Diwali.

And believe me. My sister and my Brother-In-Law. They are the best married couple.

He – Works in IT company. Still not that sort of introvert, nerdy guy. So patient and intelligent.

She – Emotional but still holds a precious place in my heart. Taught me about life and so far my best friend.

Finally, I am going to spend my Diwali along with her family, in a place where i feel alive. Hope there are more relatives and cousins there, to make Diwali more memorable.

A Film :

What makes a film most memorable? The fact we have never gone to a movie as a family before. Ever. So I decided to go for a film this Diwali. Tamilnadu Superstar (I am kidding) Vijay’s Kathi film is releasing this Diwali. Despite being a critic of Vijay and die hard fan of ‘Thala’ Ajith, i decided to watch the film.


We remember Diwali differently. I hope this will change for our family from this year. I am not sure about the time we can be together. My job, it’s going to keep me stay away. And I am going to get a new family soon. So this is going to be my family’s first ever Diwali. #GharWaliDiwali

Here’s a short film by Pepsico #GharWaliDiwali team that reminded me of this.

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