My Airtel App – Addicted to recharging and much more fun

Airtel as a telecom service provider has come a long way in India. (Though I am in a NO NO position regarding their Airtel Zero plan despite some advantages), we have to agree with the indisputable fact that Airtel has made the telecom space much better. Be it the broadband services or the mobile internet services, no one can provide fast and reliable services.

Being an Airtel customer for the past 4 years (I joined airtel back in 2010 to talk with my girlfriend all day at 10 paise per minute), I have been using all their services. When they introduce a new product, I would be sure about the quality of the product. When they introduced Airtel Money and USSD recharge, with 10% extra talk time, it was addictive enough to make me recharge for almost every friend of mine.

So now Airtel have introduced the next milestone product from their end – My airtel app ( And you know what? It’s addictive.. Very very very addictive..

Airtel introduces My Airtel App

Every company out there is moving into mobile, most importantly all technological company. Flipkart acquired Myntra and made the tech company completely application accessible today. (By the way they are offering 50% off for next 3 days). Snapdeal have acquired freecharge last month as a move to concentrate on mobile users. Following the lead Airtel have launched MyAirtel App to capture their customers completely.

You can download the mobile application from (

So here are the most impressive features in the My Airtel App

1. I want to

This is just like favorites option in a music player. Whatever you do often, you list them together

I recharge my mobile almost thrice a week. And sometimes more than that when my girlfriend is angry with me. But I won’t be buying any new product from Airtel in near future. And I don’t want them to list them all together as one. So whenever I want to recharge my mobile everyday, I have to go through all the ****** products before i recharge?

No. In Airtel App, there is this ‘I want to’ feature (with a shortcut too :p ) that lets you list out the actions you are intersted in most often, saving you valuable time.

Further, they not only list out these actions, but also the details. For example, you can list ‘I want to recharge 9791093298 for Rs.100’

2. Transactions, Records, Service Requests all in one place

Remember the days, when you have to call the customer care and wait for them to respond, and then do the keyboard dance as they instruct, before they attend the call and tell us that they do not understand about the problem we are talking about? After 50 minutes?

Well. No more.

Do you have doubts on the last recharge you did? How much you did for? Just open the app and go left.
Do you have no idea about the services you are currently using or about the services your child might have requested by mistake when playing a game? (It happens you know!) Well all you gotta do is go to services tab and see the details. I love this feature.

3. Offers..

Though personally I don’t think that it is the most important feature, most people might be interested to know about it? No more customer care calls or long website browsing to find the best offer available for your number. Now everything can be found the single application.

Apart from this, Airtel has also been announcing special food coupons and offers recently. So have a look at the My Airtel App and share your comments about the application here. Happy Airtel’ing…

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