A Memorable day.. Alone.. And with my dad..

Today randomly when going through blog posts made by few bloggers, after reading a lot of wonderful memories, I decided to write about my own. A memorable day I have spent with someone special, that have motivated me to face the life. We are humans. We cannot stay motivated and focused always.

At one point or other, we will lose focus, we will lose motivation. And then we will by chance experience this moment. This particular moment may be anything – A beer with your best friend or a few tears with your mother or even a kiss from a child.

So to write about the most memorable day, which one should i select?
Out of 8130 (eight-thousand-hundred-and-thirty) days.

The day my mother carried me to hospital? Or the day I spent with my girl friend in a mountain temple? Or the day I spent with my best friend’s family and felt lucky? Or the day when my dad waited outside a college for me?

No I don’t remember those days. Not all of them completely. But I remember those moments.. The moment my mom carried me on her shoulders. The moment when me and my girlfriend sat in the temple and discussed about our family traditions…

So the most memorable one of all the above is ‘The day I attended Mu Sigma Interview with my dad. Those 2 days when I learnt what dedication is and most importantly what love is.’

Preface : 5 days before

Mu Sigma have always been my target. Since I left my college. Two – Because Analytics was the only thing I liked doing. And One – Because they rejected me once and I wanted to prove myself.

Even though I decided that Mu Sigma is the only place I wanted to be at, I started preparing C, C++ only before 5 days. One of my friends Nagarajan helped me through. He is a really intelligent guy with best character. So finally when the day came, I, along with my dad started to Chennai. St.Joseph’s College.

First Day : Preliminary Test

We reached Chennai a day before and took a room there. I was clear that Mu Sigma was the place for me. And So I don’t want to leave anything to chance and started preparing. And the most important thing there was, my dad helped me throughout the 2 days. When I was preparing in the room, he would go out and bring food for me.

And when I would feel down or feel scared, he would say, ‘Don’t worry about it. If you don’t get the job, we can still figure something out. And he would go out to stroll for 2 to 3 hours, getting bored. And on the first day, we were there before 1 hour. I was prepared for the C rounds. But I was not sure about the aptitude.

After finishing the Prelims, I never though I would get into the second round. I wrote only 7 answers right. I wanted to leave. But he insisted me on staying. because he trusted me more than myself. And every time, I came out of the classroom, I can see 2 to 3 missed calls. Asking me to have some snacks and lunch.

Day 2 : Final Interview

With a little more confidence and lots of hopes, we went to the second round. And I never concentrated on anything else. All I had in mind was the job. What to do.. What if I lose it and things and things.. But every time I venture out, and see my dad waiting outside, I got that surprise confidence.

And when I went out with a call letter, though my dad knew he played a large part in it, he said “Finally your hard work paid off”… So humble..

Dads will never show off their love. But once you know them very well, you will never hate them.

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