The Day I decided to move on from ‘Perfect Life’ to ‘Happy Life’ – Just for Bloggers

It has been a long day since I have written anything in this blog. Sorry for the long time gap. It was because, after a small workshop and extensive networking, I decided that I need to learn a lot before I could actually teach others. Started with an aim to help newbies into Blogging and Affiliate Marketing, we have covered technical issues in wordpress, inspirational articles and a lots of marketing stuff.

So in the line, I decided to add something more. A suggestion. ( I don’t believe in advices). I will take care of the suggestion part and to take the decision. It’s up to you.

Answer 2 questions before we start with the article.

1. Do you love Blogging? (You wouldn’t be reading this, If not)

2. Will you leave your full time job, a government job perhaps to take up Blogging?

If you say Yes, go ahead and start blogging. Do not waste your time. If you say a No, then I have something for you.

The Day I Quit Blogging

You should be aware that I started my first blog, somewhere around June 2010. And I used to work 16 hours per day from my hostel. College is the best time one can have, enjoying without restrictions and with parents’ money. I had that privilege too. But it was not a big deal for me. I left everything else to blog. And there were few successes.

But without making use of the knowledge you possess, it’s nothing. Whoever you may be. Same happened with me. Working for 3 years now and then on blogs, I got nowhere. If you are starting blogging today, keep 2 things in mind.

1. Plan – Plan before you initiate something. Everyone comes with an Idea. 1 out of 5 individual has an idea. But only few can plan it and execute them.

2. Execute – Do you plan something and never work on it? Beware! Your idea is going to become invalid before you start.

So after my failures in Blogging, when I was about to select my career, I chose to be perfect. Here I have joined MuSigma.

The Day I decided to be Happy.

Yes. Trainee Decision Scientist. The Designation itself is fancy enough to make me like the job. Analytics..! Mathematics..! Statistics..! I like each one of them. I spend the same 14 hours here working, learning everything. I love what I am working on.

But do I like this life? This so called ‘perfect’ life? No..!

I am interested in Analytics. In fact I am in love with Analytics and MuSigma. After spending some 7 hours on an excel problem, I still don’t feel like giving up. But, this is not what I wanted it to be.

I wanted to work when I wanted to. I wanted to spend most time with friends and family. But I missed it. This is what you are going to feel exactly if you choose a full time job over blogging.

Remember this.

1. Yes. In Blogging you are not going to earn a penny for about 6 months.

2. Yes. When blogging is your job, No one is even going to understand what you are doing for your living.

3. Yes. In Blogging, every month your income depends on your performance every month.

But Believe me, if you leave blogging today over a job, you are going to sit there, work hard for a week, regretting what you have done. I am doing the same. But I have a decision. I love Analytics. So I am going to remain here for 2 years, learn how companies work, Web Analytics, achieve something and get back to Blogging.

May be rent a home. Here in Bangalore, working when I want. Or perhaps a startup. Talking about renting homes, did you see Housing.Com. – New flats search engine. If you haven’t, have a look at their advertisement trending on youtube.

Remember, Life is all about being happy. Not Perfect.

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