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When you hear a particular topic or a title, you will remember someone. Right? Well, when I saw the topic ‘A healthy child makes a happy home‘ by Dabur Chyawanprash, one angel and only one person came to my mind.


Can a single girl make your day? Can a single child make you feel home? To understand how I feel you should read my post fully.

Imagine a nerd (I like to be called so) spending his whole day in his house (note this ūüôā )¬†on blogging and browsing computers. Imagine a life with a laptop – All happy moments, sad moments, angers are expressed in social networks and whatsapp. Without anyone to support me morally, this guy had a programmed life. (I stay alone)

  • Get up in the morning.
  • Switch on the laptop with toothbrush in one hand.
  • Work! Work! Work!
  • Sleep without even switching off the laptop.

And that’s when she happened. Vinu.

Everything changed :

I was happy with how I was. I never even imagined that i missed a most important thing – life. Being a typical youngster who is just fond of money, i imagined I can make life happy by earning dollars and having some girls around. But she changed me literally. She is my cousin’s child. And she is with her grandparents in my¬†colony. She is 2. And you should know how he made me feel special.

Clicked a pic while she was busy seeing dogs.

Clicked a pic while she was busy seeing dogs.

  • ¬†I used to walk by 11 AM in the morning normally. Because I work late nights. But after we got introduced to each other, everyday, by 7 AM she would climb up the floors and come to our¬†house. And start pounding the doors calling me ‘Uncle!! Uncle!! Uncle!!’ till I am awake. Then she would force me to take her for a walk.
  • ¬†I used to be an introvert. I don’t talk with people so easily. But she took me to a lot of neighbors’¬†homes. She would walk in, and start socializing with them. In a span of a few days, I¬†got well with almost everyone.
  • ¬†Most important of all, I socialized well with the dogs and puppies around there. – Vicky, Tinku and all puppies recognize us when we are actually a block away. And I am proud of it.
  • She makes me smile. She would walk around, pluck some neem¬†leaves in her hands and feed me. She will keep staring me till I swallow it.
  • She gave me a responsibility – Still my parents treat me as a child. But Vinu, she makes me realize I am an adult, when she walks and hugs me when she is scared or happy.
  • She would come and ask me to show pictures of dogs in g0ogle.
  • She made me what I am. Now I don’t earn a lot. But I am happy.

When she fell sick :

Vinu used to eat stones. Small bricks. Small pebbles. We never took it seriously. Her parents believed that this made her immune. But one day, she got some digestive problem and started vomiting. We thought it was a normal digestion problem and left it with some diet change. And half a day later, her temperature started increasing and she got sick. Her parents came and took her home so that it would be easy to get her medical attention from their home.

You should imagine how it was for me. I felt that I am jailed. I never came out for a week. Literally, I spent my entire time in my house.

And when she finally came home, MY HOUSE WAS HOME AGAIN.

And i made sure she never ate stones again and that she stayed #healthy. And we are living happily ever after!! A healthy angel makes a happy family. Yay!

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  1. Reply Viinod Jan 22,2015 5:28 am

    WOW !

    That was a great sharing…

    good to see Vinu is back to normal and you too with her… Stay happy stay blessed…

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