Stop dieting. Start honey dieting – An Initiative by Dabour

What comes to your mind when we mention honey? Obviously the beauty benefits of honey and the taste. Honey is one of the most important ingredients used in cosmetics industry for the radiant and glowing skin it offers.

But do you know about the weight loss benefits of honey? Do you know that just by having honey at right time, you can lose all your fat. You don’t have to sacrifice anything. Not the snacks. Not the popcorn. Nothing. So this is called Honey Dieting.

Where did this honey diet start?

So the founder of this honey diet found that when people started having honey instead of sugar, they started burning fat. So this honey stimulates liver to produce more glucose which in turn is useful in stimulating the release of fat burning hormones.

And if you have honey before going to sleep, with a little bit of hot water every day and replace your daily sugar intakes with honey, you are going to get slim.

Dabur Honey Diet

So using honey instead of sugar in all dishes is impossible. And obviously your fat husband is not going to like the taste of Halwa you make with honey. And none of us knows how to use honey in daily life effectively for weight loss. Dabur which provides the natural healthy honey in India and they have introduced a new website with all these tips – Dabur Honey Diet.

So what do they have

1. Fitness tips – Age doesn’t matter. Young or old. Given the busy lives we are into, we don’t have enough time to plan our activities or even involve ourselves in timely activities to stay fit. So here are the best tips by experts that anyone can follow to get slim.

2. Dabur Honey – And then they have this page where they explains completely about their product Dabur Honey. How it is produced, how we can get the best from Dabur honey and more. It’s always good to learn the best usage from the manufacturers.

3. Honey Recipes – Bored of all the normal recipes you make for your son? And your husband is not following the honey diet just because it includes uninteresting snacks? Don’t know how else can you make them have honey? Here are the best list of recipes made from honey, listed together by Chef Vikas Khanna.

In the recipe list he have not confined himself to the healthy recipes. He have also included some snacks recipes which will be best fit for kids. And there are these food art recipes which will be best fit for displaying in family get together. And also there are dessert recipes and beverage recipes.

Just look at the page and you will feel like going through a Food pron page. Your mouth starts watering right from the beginning.

4. Fitness Planner – Want to plan your fitness and activities and diet? A 3 step planner to guide you through the entire planning session.

And also you have the expert advice field where you can refer to for any doubts you have. Ok where are you? Never mind you left for the Dabur website. If you are still here, post your comments ! 🙂




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