How to ‘Upgrade your car’ with Quikr Next – My Plan

Back in old days (to be precise ancient days), when we needed something, we used to wait for the right time, save some money, ask around for offers before 2 years and buy a new one after 5 years. Be it a car or  a bike or a refrigerator. And we will use with pride for our lifetime. But don’t you think, the time has really changed? Really?

Yes Indeed. Now, the world is changing fast. So fast, that before we have used a car/bike completely, we get this urge to buy something that’s more comfortable. We cannot blame it on ourselves. Lifestyle has changed. And with the lifestyle, our interests and eagerness to try new things.

But can we afford it? Now that’s a big question mark. And a big challenge ahead of everyone. Say you bought a car before 3 months and you get a salary hike and you want to try something better. Something more sophisticated. But your little hike is not going to cover it. So what you need is “Upgrading you car – Without Spending Much.

So What If, I had this situation? I came up with a complete plan for upgrading my car (My dad’s car actually) with QUIKR NXT. Refer to my previous post on benefits of new Quikr Next.

Why use this?

  • Selling and buying a car with local dealer as mediator is much expensive and also unreliable.
  • Unlike other classified websites, Quikr Next filters off fake callers using mobile number verification.
  • Enough with attending calls, when busy in your office and sneaking in Emails amidst busy working hours – With Quikr Nxt, you can chat with unlimited sellers and buyers, without providing your mobile number.

So What’s the Plan?

Selling and Buying Cars made easy with Quikr Nxt

So now we have a old car to sell and a new car we are interested in purchasing. Even a small exchange between very old model cars is going to cost you around 50 to 100 thousand bucks. So before you proceed with my plan, decide whether you really want to do this.

So are you done? Are you ready? Proceed with this plan.

1. Talk to Local Dealer.

Yes. You heard it right. Talk to a local dealer, about your plan to sell your old car. Ask around for their rates and any potential customers available. Remember, a Local Dealer can never offer pricing options or communication features like Quikr. But this step will help you identify the advantages of selling your car with Quikr Nxt.

Now once you get frustrated and desperate (!!!!) to sell your car, you are ready for the next step.

2. Calculate MSP in Quikr.

After deciding to sell your car in Quikr, first list out the following details based on your personal knowledge and also the feedback given by the local dealers on your car.

  • Brand Name
  • Model
  • Year
  • Fuel Type
  • Condition of the Car.

Now go to Quikr MSP price page and fill out the details to find the MSP of the car.

3. Post Advertisements in Quikr.

Once you are ready with all the details you require, post an advertisement in Quikr for selling your car. Quikr has a strong moderation team and dispute management system. So post specific and honest information. When posting information, make sure

  1. You are specific about the condition of each part. This will save unnecessary time waste in negotiations.
  2. You are honest. Fake specifications will not sell your car.
  3. 3-4 photos of the cars, from the view of a potential buyer.

If you have followed my advice step by step so far

4. Negotiation with Buyer and Seller.

When you are ready with your advertisement, now you have to do double the works. Negotiate with the potential buyer of the car. And also search for the cars you wish to buy and negotiate with them.

Never take anything too fast. Quikr Nxt helps you to chat with unlimited buyers. And also there is an option to save the chats and send unlimited photos. When a buyer has a doubt or hesitation over anything, clear it instantly with the photos feature.

5. Sell It… Buy IT

Done with your negotiations? Take one final deep breathe. And sell the old car. Always plan the buying and selling process with a time gap of 3 days so that you don’t get any problems in the money transactions.

With Quikr’s dispute system, you will never encounter a problem of fake client.

Once you get the car of your desire, alter it, redesign it as per your comfort and enjoy!!

So what do you think about my plan? Comment below…

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