A peaceful 3 day plan to Coorg

If you are looking for a family trip to Coorg, then this plan is NOT for you. I have warned you. I know how family trips are! We start in early morning with no or little sleep, delayed by little kids at every step of the plan.

And in the family trips, the final goal would be one thing, “Visit them all! Temples.. Falls.. Dams.. Sanctuaries.. Parks..!”

But little do we think about the objective of a trip – Relaxation and Peace

This is a summary of my trip to Coorg last week (with my cousins). If you are looking for a refreshing weekend in Coorg, this plan is exactly for you.

Must have

Bed sheets
Snacks (A lots of them when you are with cousins particularly)
Jackets (I don’t see the need if you are visiting Coorg between March and June)
Cash (Finding a hotel is hard. Finding one accepting cards in impossible)

Day 1 : Chill with Birds, Visit Tibet and Relax in Cauvery

Reach Mysuru early. We prefer Domestic Airlines. We reached around 06:00 AM, on time for breakfast. (You can check the Flight Schedule here)

Try to find home based food outlets for better experience. Complete your breakfast by 08:00 AM and start towards Ranganathittu bird sanctuary. This doesn’t fall under Coorg. But this is a place worth visiting and also a perfect start for peaceful trip. This place opens at 09:00 AM and you can feel the birds, if you visit very early. “No Plastics and they are strict about it”

It will take you approximately 2 hours if you really like watching birds and crocodiles sometimes. Now start towards Namdroling Monastery, which is approximately 2 hour drive from there. (I hate this place because I am not into Theism). But for 2 of my cousins, it was a place of wisdom. The monks there were very interactive throwing in some tips now and then.

But it is a perfect place to try Tibetan dishes (Only Veg.. Mind it). I love Thugpa and Fried Momo. This might not be as elegant as a tibetan restaurant. But never use the “pay-to-use” toilet outside.

And then travel towards Virajpet. And there is Nisargadhama. A small wild life sanctuary/resort. On the banks of Cauvery, with activities like tree climbing and deer seeing. But this is my favorite spot because it is situated on the banks on Cauvery and it is so chilling and awesome and bath there. And know what, this can be your free Fish Spa.

One kid jumped into the river and no one could convince him to get out. It was so refreshing. We started late in the evening and reached Club Mahindra Resort late night. The food was so expensive and we had to throw in biscuits to make up to it.

Day 2 : Thala Cauvery and a perfect Water fall

We started towards Thala cauvery which was roughly 2 hours drive from there. No food! No food! No food! No hotel was open till 09:00 AM and the few hotels open had one or 2 dishes. So prepare yourselves for the same. You can read about Thala cauvery in all other travel blogs. But now they have constructed a temple in that place and have restricted access to the hills above. So don’t expect much there. But the weather and the hot snacks they provide there are worth the travel.

Finally the exclusive waterfalls. Chelvara Falls (Visit only in the beginning of rainy season or you will be disappointed)

Pure heaven. 3 hours of swimming and diving and we were never tired. It was so exhausting that we devoured 3 plates of rice each, on the way back. The climb was challenging too.

Day 3 : Enjoy the resort

Why pay for such a resort if you are not going to utilize it. Perfect place for relaxing the last day of the trip.

Table tennis, A bar cum restaurant, Fish Spa, Outdoor sports, Swimming Pool and more..

So when are you leaving?

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